Very pleased that I imaged the system partition

r.g.nixon, Aug 14, 8:00am
A computer was rebooting randomly at work. It wasn't being used at the time. I figured the m/b or psu was on the blink. Finally it wouldn't boot past the 'Starting Windows' (even in safe mode).
I reseated everything. No change. I tried some utilities from my UBCD. The registry restore wizard would only crash. None of the utilities could parse the c: drive. I did a few MBR and partition checks. Finally I decided to restore an image I took in March (which luckily I still had on a portable drive).
All sweet! Thanks Macrium Reflect!

gibler, Aug 14, 8:10am
and did you test for a failing hard drive (or even bad RAM)!

r.g.nixon, Aug 14, 8:48am
I did a quick RAM test. The HDD could be failing. I spotted a Windows MFT repair message flash by as I started it up. I might try HDTune or something on it tomorrow.

chnman, Aug 14, 9:25am
Macrium should show Acronis how to tidy up their True Image's getting bigger and bigger each year.

black-heart, Aug 14, 7:37pm
windows 7 backup would have been fine too.

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