Problem setting up network printer on XP

jwr-trademe, Aug 12, 10:13pm
We have a 2 computer network.Desktop running Win 7 with Canon MP470 connected.Printer is shared.

I want to connect a laptop running XP to it.Laptop "sees" the desktop and I go through the process connecting to the printer but it doesn't like the driver.

I have also installed the XP driver on the laptop but I cannot make it connect to the Win 7 machine.

Any help would be appreciated.

shaneo2, Aug 12, 10:28pm
Double check the following and specifically "additional drivers"

Then get back

jwr-trademe, Aug 12, 11:40pm
Thanks for that Shane.Following the instructions but I'm running into problems because the Win 7 machine is 64 bit.

black-heart, Aug 13, 12:49am
On the XP machine load the printer manually on LPT1:, then right click the printer, properties , ports tab! change the port to be the windows 7 share.

do a test page.

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