Libre Office running under Linux Mint 13 (Maya)

duggin, Aug 11, 1:47am
I'm currently using six windows open on my screen, and using the panel (task bar) to click on each application to bring up the window I want to use.By mistake - as in I wasn't watching what I was doing - I used my scroll wheel on the mouse while the cursor was located on the panel. - While I scrolled, the various windows I was using flashed up as the active one.

I didn't know that could be done.Neat!Learn stuff every day.

badcam, Aug 11, 6:07am
Yes. I think it works that way with most of the Desktop Environments. Also in KDE, by default I recall, you can spin the mouse on the background to change desktops. It's nice when you surprise yourself by stumbling across tricks like that.

little_egypt, Aug 11, 9:25pm
I mostly use keyboard shortcuts . ctrl-alt-arrows to switch desktops, alt-tab toswitch windows. In firefox you can use ctrl-tab to switch tabs or spin the mouse wheel in the tab bar to scroll through them. Unfortunately other programs aren't consistent about ctrl-tab though.

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