Libre Office running under Linux Mint 13 (Maya)

I'm currently using six windows open on my screen, and using the panel (task bar) to click on each application to bring up the window I want to use.By mistake - as in I wasn't watching what I was doing - I used my scroll wheel on the mouse while the cursor was located on the panel. - While I scrolled, the various windows I was using flashed up as the active one.

I didn't know that could be done.Neat!Learn stuff every day.

geek_duggin, Aug 11, 1:47 pm

Yes. I think it works that way with most of the Desktop Environments. Also in KDE, by default I recall, you can spin the mouse on the background to change desktops. It's nice when you surprise yourself by stumbling across tricks like that.

geek_badcam, Aug 11, 6:07 pm

I mostly use keyboard shortcuts . ctrl-alt-arrows to switch desktops, alt-tab toswitch windows. In firefox you can use ctrl-tab to switch tabs or spin the mouse wheel in the tab bar to scroll through them. Unfortunately other programs aren't consistent about ctrl-tab though.

geek_little_egypt, Aug 12, 9:25 am