Dish TV freeview box thing bought off trade me

nicenikki, Sep 2, 2:52am
I purchased this unit thing off trade me - was one of their one day sale things, but i have never had any luck setting it up - does anyone have any advice that may help me! or contacts for people who know how to do this kind of thing! I dont know what other information is helpful for me to give out about this unit sorry

gilco2, Sep 2, 3:13am
in order for anyone to help, you need to say what model.You have Freeview Satellite and Freeview UHF. Dish Tv make units for both systems and they make receivers and pvr's.Cant help without knowing what you have and what problem you have

stevel_knievel, Sep 2, 3:15am
Ok, dish TV sell several different units, do you have a model number! Is it a UHF or sattelite based unit! What are you using for an aerial!

nicenikki, Sep 2, 3:51am
model number s9020dvdive got it attached to the cords that would normally plug into a sky unit - theres the sky dish on the roof.
its pluged in and saying no signal

spyware, Sep 2, 3:55am
You have to set the LNB (low noise block) local oscillator frequency correctly. Either 11300 or 10750 MHz.

_drdee_, Sep 2, 4:09am

Took me a while of internet searching to figure out why my DishTV wouldn't work. You have to find out how to get into the secret menu for your model to get to the settings to change.

nicenikki, Sep 2, 4:13am
oh my goodness - im there anyone i can get to come do it for me lol

hakatere1, Sep 2, 4:21am
Why don't you give an auction number! Ashburton have many specialists and we're just a town. ChCh should have heaps. Tried the yellow pages!

mm12345, Sep 2, 5:13am
nicenikki - you'll have to go in to settings, if you need a password/pin, default is 0000.From there the advice given by #5 above should work. But If it's a freeview certified box (with freeview printed on it), probably just find the factory reset option, reset it, and when it starts up, a series of easy menus should allow you to set it up no problems.
Hope you didn't pay too much, Norman Ross has dishTV Freeview approved s7070R USB/PVR HDMI out satellite boxes on sale for $98 at the moment.

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