Write protected HDD partition

laofa, Sep 3, 9:58am
Managed to get back a lost partition after reinstallof windows, used "Find and mount" as other partition finders would not allow access to drive
However the drive is write protected and I cant delete old files off it.
Have tried google solutions but cant work out how to unwrite protect the partition.
any ideas would be appreciated

r.g.nixon, Sep 3, 10:46am
Just delete the partition and make a new one. I assume you don't need the files!

mrfxit, Sep 3, 11:42am
Getdataback should be able to bypass any locks
Wiping the drive properly is really simple & effective with Dban.

laofa, Sep 4, 5:00am
Cant delete partition, prompt tells me it might effect reboot
Will tryGetdatabackcheers

laofa, Sep 4, 5:13am
How do I delete a write protected partition!
need to unlock the protection off first and that is my prob

laofa, Sep 4, 5:31am
Getdataback crashes system while going through process

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