3G network

is that all thats available in NZ now! I was on the CDMA network and it worked perfectly, but telecom closed it down. so I had to buy a new ph, and my $10 a month went up to $20 a month, but I cant get coverage at my house! Technology!.I live in a city but in a hollow they say (telecom) and cant recieve the 3G signal, although the tower is only about 200 M in a straight line from my house. this sounds like shit to me.why should a company be allowed to close a service and charge more for a new service when it dosent even work properly grrrr. Telecom just laughed when I asked if they were going to boost their signal. So are all mobile ph providers 3G now! or do I have to go back in time and use the land line again. at rediculasly rip off prices. And Im not the only one in my street that cant get coverge anymore.

geek_mr_sausage, Sep 9, 4:42 pm

Vodafone still have 2G and 3G 900 extended as well as 3G 2100

geek_gilco2, Sep 9, 4:47 pm

ok cheers. Ill have a look into it.

geek_mr_sausage, Sep 9, 4:52 pm

I've been on Telecom since the XT network started a few years ago, and i've yet to find anywhere in NZ where my coverage drops out. Sounds like something fishy is going on. If Telecom don't seem to care then yeah I'd probably recommend you give Vodafone a try.

geek_suicidemonkey, Sep 9, 5:07 pm

Wellington can be a bit of a problem, no Telecom in my flat, 2degrees is weak EDGE and vodafone has a very weak HSPA signal.

geek_vtecintegra, Sep 9, 5:09 pm

Really! Any idea why!

geek_suicidemonkey, Sep 9, 5:15 pm

Really! Any idea why! My reception on Telecom is usually close to perfect even way out in the wops. you'd think in main centers it would be perfect

geek_suicidemonkey, Sep 9, 5:15 pm

Too many hills. I'm sure the other networks have just as many dead spots.

geek_vtecintegra, Sep 9, 5:31 pm

Since I switched to XT I've noticed by far the biggest drain on the battery of my Android devices is Cell Standby - often 50% or more while on Vodafone Cell Standby is in single digits. I suspect Telecom have cranked up the settings in the handsets to provide that excellent reception that you and I have found.

geek_carkitter, Sep 9, 6:44 pm

They did the same thing with the 025 network, do you not remember!
There are potentially 30+ frequencies that Telecom could chose from for 4G LTE (assuming the don't do the dumb thing and chose WiMax) so there is a chance of XT being faced with a shutdown if Telecom choose a 4G freqency that future handsets support but are not backwards compatible. I think the chances are low (surely Telecom are not THAT STUPID to make the same epic mistake 3 times) but you just never know.

geek_carkitter, Sep 9, 6:56 pm