Security camera, which one do i buy? Advice please

For home use.
Any recomendations would be great please. And do the out side cameras have to be connected to a power point or can you get them with wireless!

geek_me-shell1, Sep 9, 1:09 pm

I have done some research in the past regarding home security cameras and yes you can get wireless waterproof cameras but remember they are battery operated but work on motion detect so shouldn't chew through many batteries. You can also get wireless cameras with a 240v power trans you plug in the garage for e.g.It is the inside set ups that vary. You can have a "live" feed through an inside monitor with no backup HDD or one with HDD, then you can also get the HDD backup to fit inside your PC which is good for storing large amounts of data, or a setup that can utilise your video player and use 12 hour tapes in it although this technology is getting older. I have been researching these units on a Chinese site calledAliexpress who can offer freight free to NZ and cut your costs by nearly half. They also offer that you don't pay till you receive the goods and confirm you like them. There is some real quality gear in this site.

geek_ceebee2, Sep 9, 4:04 pm

thanks for that, could i be a pain and get you to give me the links to the ones you think are good. and yep know about ali :)

geek_me-shell1, Sep 9, 4:08 pm

Dick Smith often have pretty good deals on the Swann range of security camera's. 1, 2 , 4 channel hdd recorders etc

geek_ryanm2, Sep 9, 4:16 pm

yes i want one with a hdd recorder and wireless if that can happen lol, going to go to jaycar tomorrow to ask them all about them aswell.
I went to dicksmith today, there were only youngens in there and thought they wouldnt be able to give much advice so left lol.

geek_me-shell1, Sep 9, 4:21 pm

Jaycar is quite expensive. There will be a few traders on here that will be able to provide you with cheaper materials if you find the right one.

geek_jcmp21, Sep 9, 5:19 pm

i looked on here and there is just soooooooo many lol. there was the dse swann set on sale for $1000, i think i just need to talk with someone who can tell me in real simple terms lol how it all runs and what will be best for us.
someone came into my house and took my laptop on friday while i was at work and a month before that my sons $1300 bike and mgp scooter got taken. so im thinking we need more than locks on the doors :(

geek_me-shell1, Sep 9, 5:35 pm

There is a lot of variables to consider. $1000 should get a pretty good system and to me the personally the Swanns arent really that. An IP camera with motion detection may be the best option that is set strategically and with a notification function to email once motion is detected.

A burglar alarm that dials your cellphone number would be the most ideal option then you can log in to the cameras and see if anything is going on. It's also worth considering having footage being stored somewhere other than onsite as it can be picked up and taken away with someone as they leave.

geek_jcmp21, Sep 9, 5:45 pm

could you link me to what you have mentioned please jcmp21 :) and would they come with lead free cams! if this is possible

geek_me-shell1, Sep 9, 5:49 pm

Swann.arghh yuk, good for the budget conscious nothing else.
OP what do you want to achieve having a CCTV system do you want all the bells and whistles view cams over network send text on alert 3G viewing though smartphone etc etc or just something basic!

geek_rdeejay, Sep 9, 8:12 pm

At min, record to view back.

geek_me-shell1, Sep 9, 8:20 pm

I guess really at the end of the day what is your budget! there's a whole lot of variables that will determine cost.

geek_rdeejay, Sep 9, 8:50 pm

the cheaper the better lol. But will spend what is needed for quality and reliability.

geek_me-shell1, Sep 9, 8:59 pm

This is another possibility, a NZ security firm are offering this type of thing as a security item. Go to cabelas dot com and look for trail cameras & accessories. Well secured, hidden and well located these will produce a clear photo of all who enter your property. The advantage is that the unwelcome intruder can take your computer / laptop or hard drive from security cameras but its too late his ID with date and time is on a SD card that he not aware of.

geek_craska, Sep 9, 9:29 pm


geek_me-shell1, Sep 9, 9:39 pm

Swann is a great brand.I bought one and installed if for my father around 7 years ago.It runs 24/7 and is still going today and still bringing up a good picture on his TV. which he has on a certain channel so can just change it to the camera channel to view the Swann video camera

geek_possum2012, Sep 9, 10:57 pm

From AliExpress

Click on Freight to automatically see if freight is charged. There are hundreds of systems to choose from at realistic prices.
Type in Home security and you will see what I mean.

geek_ceebee2, Sep 10, 8:19 am

You should do an internet search with the words Aliexpress scam fraud as well !

geek_wardz4, Sep 10, 7:18 pm

Yeah be wary of paying after delivery deals, The scam is usually that they buy the goods on a stolen credit card from a third party (legitimate) and ship to you, you inspect and pay the scammer.Credit card transaction is discovered by card owner and queried, police contacted, goods traced to your place and recovered.You lose the goods and the scammer keeps your money.

geek_garvan04, Sep 10, 9:03 pm

Maybe you should realise that analog technology is obsolete and Swann is junk by anyone's standards.

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geek_spyware, Sep 10, 9:54 pm

my advice is you need to decide if you want to be alerted to the fact that someone has entered your property or whether you just want to record the video and after the incident you can see what happened.

If you want the second option then you really need to consider the picture quality of the camera. It is vital you have a ID shot for the police. Even then they may not be able to identify the offender so my preference is option 1.
If you get Analogue cameras go for as high a TV line number as possible. So 500 is average but 700 is quite good. Otherwise go for megapixel IP cameras and run cat 5 network cable out to the camera.

I myself have a PIR alarm detector covering my front yard. If it gets triggered I have audio alerts inside so I know my property has been entered. If Im not home My PC will stream live video to my iphone.

There are some free or trial software available that do network cameras but for real quality I highly recommend something like this

geek_azza20, Sep 10, 10:48 pm

thanks, going to look at the links now. and would rather bu in nz for back up lol.

geek_me-shell1, Sep 11, 4:39 pm