USB universal drive adapter

domaine, Sep 8, 11:06pm
I have a hard drive which maybe broke, some advisors suggest a USB drive adaptor but if drive is damaged still won't work, is there a way to see if drive is ok prior to buying! Do most pc repair shops have USB adapters so easy to take there I guess.
Is there a way I can fit into another desktop without all the "mating"hassles!

king1, Sep 8, 11:14pm
1. yes, subject to 3
2. yes
3, Yes if you know what your doing, No if you don't

r.g.nixon, Sep 9, 1:31am
Unhook their DVD drive from the data cable. Plug that into yours and use a spare power cable of theirs. No need to screw the drive into a spare bay/slot.

gibler, Sep 9, 1:41am
I thought I was on the Parenting board for a moment.

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