Hardware Mobo/CPU Guru's - Advice required please

I need to put an old box back into commission. All I'll be doing is replacing the Mobo and CPU. Everything else will stay as is.

Probably the only stumbling block will be the PSU which is a Liton PS-5251-7 250W - It's quiet though, so I like that.

I'm looking for a really low budget MB with Intel onboard graphics (can Intel run dual-monitor if needed!). AMD or Nvidia onboard graphics would be acceptable as long as the drivers are still currently supported. Ram will only be 4GB max. There'll only be one HD on this one. Sata & USB 3 ports would be handy. Any CPU equivalent to, better than, a Core2Duo, would be more than enough for my needs with this machine.

That's it.

geek_badcam, Sep 7, 8:20 am

what OS !

geek_black-heart, Sep 7, 9:11 am

Ah yes. Linux. ***Ta-Dah!*** (trumplets blaring!)

geek_badcam, Sep 7, 9:40 am

I would certainly replace the power supply with at least a 450 - 600watt unit. 250w is too small.

Handy to know what your budget is!

geek_ceebee2, Sep 7, 9:41 am

250W is plenty for no discrete graphics and only one HD, so long as it has the right connectors for the motherboard. I would go for an i3-2100 CPU, they do support dual monitors though most motherboards only have HDMI and VGA, not dual HDMI.

geek_drsr, Sep 7, 10:11 am

I've come to realise that I personally can't see any difference between VGA & DVI/HDMI at 1920x1080. I always thought there would be a noticeable difference.

Budget of $120 inc for the mobo. I don't think I need to spend any more. The CPU.whatever it needs to be (thinking around $150).

geek_badcam, Sep 7, 11:49 am

Any of the H61 chipset boards should be fine, depending on what audio and USB ports you want, e.g. GA-H61MA-D3V is only about $90, pricespy has a refurb listed for $58. The I3 2100 is about $150-$160, a cheaper alternative is the Celeron G530 at $60 (covered here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6182/fall-budget-system-buyers-guide/2 ).

geek_drsr, Sep 7, 12:31 pm

LMAO . HUH, yea ok so I understand part of the request but . Ummmm

#1 old box back into commission = yea
#2 PSU which is a Liton PS-5251-7 250W=yea no worrys
#3 really low budget MB with Intel onboard graphics = yea fine so far
#4 can Intel run dual-monitor if needed! = dual video cards (onboard + pci/ Agp - pci-e + Pci
#5 Ram will only be 4GB max.= yep no probs there
#6 There'll only be one HD on this one = yep matchs the psu fine
#7 Sata & USB 3 ports = Refer #1 & #3
#8 a Core2Duo = Refer #1 & #3

geek_mrfxit, Sep 7, 12:43 pm

HP Dx7200 tower series onwards
DX /DC series
Depending on spec's will do fine
That whole series is a solid performing type with a well proven reliable history

geek_mrfxit, Sep 7, 12:48 pm

That Mobo looks perfect for my needs & thanks for the link. Except for the Realtek Ethernet Chip (the bane of my Linux existence). I also note that it's a MicroATX. I have another older Case & PSU lying around that might be even better for this Mobo.

I'm just going to get that Mobo and the 630 CPU (not 520). A cheap CPU and then later I could consider upgrading that as per the article suggestion.

So, that combo actually looks good enough to run as part of an HTPC/XBMC. Would you agree!

geek_badcam, Sep 8, 10:22 am

A motherboard with HDMI would be better for an HTPC if the rest of your system is HDMI. You can get DVI to HDMI adapters but they don't include audio. Alternatively get one with optical audio out.

geek_drsr, Sep 8, 11:07 am

Yes, good point. For me, that'd be OK as I'd use an Optical Out to my Amp. I've got a few of those connectors lying around. Another time for that though.

So, $236inc GST & delivery, for the Mobo, CPU, and a 4gb stick. I'm quite pleased with that.

geek_badcam, Sep 8, 11:20 am