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shirley16, Sep 8, 8:49am
I am designing my own knitting patterns and was thinking a good quality printer may be more economical than my current method of getting them commercially printed. Any suggestions. Thanks

r.g.nixon, Sep 8, 8:50am
What size do the pages have to be!

shirley16, Sep 8, 8:51am

r.g.nixon, Sep 8, 9:28am
Well if this is just for your own use, a b&w laser printer should be fine. I picked one up for $5 recently - the drawback is that the black is more like a mid-grey, LOL.

shirley16, Sep 8, 9:45am
No, I need a quality printer I wholesale these patterns to retailers, I need to have a flawless appearance with quality colour.

r.g.nixon, Sep 8, 9:52am
OK. Our good printer is a Fuji-Xerox CP105 b. But any small colour laser printer would be good.
Same as auction 509406395 (pink also).

r.g.nixon, Sep 8, 9:59am
This one is *much* closer to your location. 510415004
We had a C525A at work for a while. Something happened that stuffed the drum up after a few years.

gj, Sep 8, 11:41am
What quantity do you print, and how much are you paying now.
I assume you want high quality gloss paper printed in colour. Are they double sided, and can one side be black and white only!

shirley16, Sep 12, 6:07am
A4 250 gsm glossy card sheet 470 patterns cost $600.00. double sided.Colour pic on front and b/w text on back.

gj, Sep 12, 8:01am
How does $465 for 500 sheets glossy print full colour and B&w reverse, sound! (0.93 per sheet) Try this online company, I've used them several times with good results and free shipping for these quantities in 3 days turnround.

To do this yourself you need a colour laser to ensure paper is waterproof. Gloss 220gsm A4 paper is about $50 per 200 sheets (25c) and laser print for HP printers is about 8c colour and 6c b+w = 14c per sheet, so $0.39 for consumables. So there is a 54c saving per sheet, not counting the cost of a printer. A suitable printer will be about $600, so you would break even after 1200 sheets (not counting your labour costs of course) The advantage is you can print only what you need when you need it. A HP CM1415fnw would do the job but is manual duplex.You will pay $1000+ for an auto-duplex model.

shirley16, Sep 12, 8:18am
Thanks for that info.Much appreciated.

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