Apple Mac ejecting a disk?

eadgbe, Sep 5, 9:26pm
My mac wont eject a disk. I have tried all the usual eject buttons and reluctant to try anything 'new'. Can anyone make any suggestions before I take it to repair shop! Many thanks.I have tried dragging disk icon into trash but that just freezes whole computer and I have to crash it.

cdb007, Sep 5, 9:42pm
Restart the computer and hold the mouse button down or trackpad if it is a laptop while it is booting up and it should eject it.

eadgbe, Sep 5, 9:50pm
Its a desk top with a track pad and no that didnt work. Also tried drutil eject in the terminal.

nzoomed, Sep 5, 9:57pm
i dont think you can even stick a paperclip in the new macs, i havnt seen "the hole" on the new ones anyway. Pretty sad that Apple think their users are not good enough to do such a simple task, that they expect you have to take it into the shop for them to get it out for you!

eadgbe, Sep 5, 9:59pm
No - no where for a paper clip either!

eadgbe, Sep 5, 10:14pm
Got it out by pressing option button on start up and then when HD icon appeared pressed eject button and out it popped. I had tried this before and it hadnt worked so if you having same problem keep trying!

skelevengeance, Sep 5, 10:49pm
I have had this problem before and honestly I can't remember exactly what it was that I did, but I do know I found the solution using google. So just try everything that comes up. Not a lot of help I know, but there was a solution out there that worked for me.

guest, Aug 3, 6:55am
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guest, Aug 4, 11:02pm
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guest, Aug 7, 1:20am
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