Tv signal

mariejay1, Sep 7, 2:38am
both my Tvs got No event information so is it to do with my ariel or freeview.cheers

hopie, Sep 7, 2:51am
check your cables are tight

hopie, Sep 7, 2:51am
also are you running a splitter to both tv's I.E 1x freeveiw box 2x TVs or do they have their own boxes

mariejay1, Sep 7, 2:58am
freeview in one Tv and box with other

hopie, Sep 7, 3:02am
so you have 2x free view decoders - one running each TV

hopie, Sep 7, 3:38am
Id look at aerial connection then first.

trade_menow, Sep 7, 3:56am
or if your using a splitter that it has powerpass on all connections
thou not really a major if your using UHF

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