HELP my PC stick just got wiped

rrrg, Sep 6, 4:45am
Does anyone know how to regain what was on stick!

geekstore, Sep 6, 4:48am
Take a look at data recovery software, there are some free ones out there. So long as the data was only recently wiped and hasn't been overwritten, you shouldn't have a problem getting it back.

gibler, Sep 6, 4:55am
explain exactly how it got "wiped"!

mgc54, Sep 6, 4:58am
the FREE "recuva" might work, google it.

djfoster, Sep 6, 7:39am
As mgc54 suggests, Recuva often works well. If your files are less than 1GB total you could also try MiniTool Power Data Recovery (to recover more than 1GB, you have to purchase, etc.) url:

Good luck.

flick13, Sep 6, 7:53am
Of course it's not a problem though is it! As we all know you never keep your only copy of stuff on a memory stick.right!
So you just copy the stuff onto it again from the source.right!

ceebee2, Sep 6, 9:58pm
+1 probably will work 99% of the time.

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