URGENTLY Need Your Advice Please!

yvonne_j66, Sep 9, 7:10am
Back in June i started a thread in here regarding a laptop that I was having trouble starting windows on.I had a lot of feedback and advice from a lot of trademe members.One member in particular sent me a link to a site which happened to be his business, this I didn't know at the time of filling out the form and now am unsure if it actually was a ligit business.This trademe member phoned meand after me explaining what the computer was or wasnt doing he said he knew exactly what it was and was coming to Tauranga on the Thursday and would drop in and have a look at it, He said he could repair it for me at a very reasonable price which I was happy with, so he took the laptop and said he would be back on the following Wednesday with it. He looked honest enough, well I hadn't heard from him (after sending numerous amount of emails, ringing several times and a number of texts) until I finally got hold of him the week before last and he said he would be down last Wednesday with the laptop and you guessed it he hasn't turned up.I feel real stupid as I'm a solo mum whom is struggling and don't have the funds to get another laptop.I really did trust this person.I would like to know what anyone can advise me what to do!Any suggestions I would be most grateful

me-shell1, Sep 9, 7:16am
ohhh no! Go to the police and take any info about him with you.
Good Luck.

yvonne_j66, Sep 9, 7:20am
Yes that is all the original info

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