My printer is printing off the page please help!

maykred, Sep 9, 11:34am
i bought new ink for my printer, now it's printing half on the page and half off the page! how do i fix this help! please

ceebee2, Sep 9, 8:08pm
Could do with more detail like what make and model it is, what else did you do with it etc. Are you saying it only prints half the doc or one half is on the other side of the paper. What Doc are you printing.i.e saved in the PC or off the net.

maykred, Sep 9, 11:55pm
thank you, its a canon, i mean the writing is down one half the page like it starts printing in the middle of the page.

r.g.nixon, Sep 10, 1:08am
It could be a setting in the program you are using; which is what! Microsoft Word! WordPad! NotePad!

gj, Sep 10, 2:51am
IT sounds like you have somehow moved the 'home location'for the ink cartridge. Did you have difficulty getting it to parkwhen you changed the ink over!
What model Canon printer is it!

ceebee2, Sep 10, 4:23am

maykred, Sep 10, 7:17am
canon pixma mg2160

getting it to park!

badcam, Sep 10, 7:23am
Off the page you say! Maybe it's really enjoying what it's printing! Is the printer moving at all! Is it making any noises!

maykred, Sep 10, 7:26am
lol are these serious questions!

gj, Sep 10, 9:33pm
On your PC, find the printer icon under Devices and Printers.
Double-click and select Printer Properties
Under the Maintenance tab, select Print Head alignment.
Then print a test print from the 'general' tab
If this prints OK and you still have the problem, its due to a software setting, not the printer.
Let us know how you get on.

ceebee2, Sep 11, 1:42am
+1. However if this doesn't work switch printer off and unplug from mains for 10-15 min.usually fixes most probs like that.

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