Install windows7 64bit cant find WD 2TB sata drive

I am trying to install windows 7 on a new computer and gets to part where it asks you to select a drive but this part is empty .The drive is showing in BIOS any suggestions please

geek_robertotrade, Sep 10, 5:55 pm

If the computer supports UEFI, give that a go.

geek_cybertao, Sep 10, 6:09 pm

thanks yes its a asus p8 z77-v motherboard manual refers to bios as eufi bios

geek_robertotrade, Sep 10, 6:25 pm

sorry thats UEFI bios

geek_robertotrade, Sep 10, 6:25 pm

I don't know if it will help any, but it might.And it's time to step up to using gpt format on harddrives instead of the old ms-dos format.

To install Windows 7 to use UEFI you have to boot the installation disk in UEFI mode.When the system boots and you see the initial BIOS screen there is likely a key you can push to bring up a boot selection menu.The installation disk will be picked up twice, once using the classic boot mechanism and one to boot using EFI.

As I said, not sure if it will help with your problem.It's just a simple thing to try and worth installing like that anyway.I assume that this is a fresh drive that's never been used before!Have you got a different live disk (such as a linux installer) to try it!

geek_cybertao, Sep 10, 6:51 pm

thanks for that advice correction to my first post the drive is not showing in the bios

geek_robertotrade, Sep 10, 8:19 pm


Check the cables.

geek_cybertao, Sep 10, 8:20 pm

and if its not the cables and the drives been used before and has an mbr written to it, then go into bios - advanced - boot tab, and make sure down at uefi/legacy boot that "enable both." is selected. I have the same board, disabling legacy devices in that boot option makes mbr disks not be seen.

geek_ross1970, Sep 10, 8:55 pm

This was a new computer brought from a retail store and the supplier has not tested it as they would have found the hard drivewas not connected cybertao your advice spot on thanks.

geek_robertotrade, Sep 11, 4:05 pm

I wonder which store chain that was!Don't tell us we know LOL.

geek_ceebee2, Sep 11, 4:31 pm