If you want to use a tv as a computer monitor .

cj_s, Sep 10, 11:53pm
what should be in the specifications of the tv to make that possible!

Sounds like a stupid question, but don't know whether there is special tech lingo for this.

I am looking for a small tv with freeview (aerial) that can be used as a monitor. Preferably cheap. Any suggestions! Thanks!

gyrogearloose, Sep 11, 12:03am
Either; a television with a VGA socket (often labels "PC") or; a television with an HDMI socket (this will be a certainty) and use a PC or laptop which has an HDMI output (this is increasingly common).

oclaf, Sep 11, 12:09am
Also full HD, 1920x1080. The lower tv resolutions are not really suitable for a computer screen. They work. But there is not enough screen space.

cj_s, Sep 11, 12:22am
Thanks for the comments. Just noticed my netbook only has a VGA port for external monitors. Does that work with tvs! I have an Acer Aspire One D255-N55DQkk ( http://www.acer.co.uk/ac/en/GB/content/model/LU.SDJ0D.019 ).

reeveopd, Sep 11, 12:24am
Yes, If your TV has a VGA port.

gibler, Sep 11, 12:32am
I'd be careful using VGA - it can be fuzzy and some sillyness goes on with EDID leading to "mode not supported" on Samsungs (or not being able to select 1920 by 1080 as a resolution).

vtecintegra, Sep 11, 6:01am
Yeah my 1080p Panasonic will only do 1366x768 via VGA so watch that.

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