1blizzy, Sep 11, 4:26am
What brand Firewall runs on your laptop or desktop!
I use LooknStop 2.07.

jcmp21, Sep 11, 4:42am
none, 3rd party firewalls are not needed

gibler, Sep 11, 5:12am
don't particularly bother . win 7 firewall. Obviously at home, the outside is effectively firewalled off via NAT (and router's firewall).

r.g.nixon, Sep 11, 6:10am
Comodo (without ALL the extras).

ceebee2, Sep 11, 11:27pm
The Windows one is fine. Win7, XP have them as standard.

mark.52, Sep 12, 3:44am
XP's built-in firewall.
7's built in firewall.

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