How to tune old digitor tv crt

kevlight, Sep 21, 1:10am
mums old 5year TV has lost its tune to the AVI and DVD chanels , i thinkshe has been button pushing on the remote.1 2 3 4 5 6 are fine its just when you put a DVD in it will not play, i checked the player on my tv its fine just hers is a blue screen.
any body know how to tune these tvs , i cannot fined the channel tune info by going through the menu, help ,if some one has a manual and canscan the tune page for me !

stevel_knievel, Sep 21, 1:25am
You don't tune in the AV and DVD channels. Just plug the cables into red white and yellow then press the TV/AV button.

kevlight, Sep 21, 1:43am
thanksfor your reply,but thats just the problem the cables are correct,red white yellow,and when i press the tv/av button its just a blue screen on the tv, it says AV1 or DVD but no signal comes through, if i take the dvd to my place and plug it in using the same set up and cables, its fine and works okay, do the AVI and DVD plugs red yellow white give up the ghost! or is it another problem!

gyrogearloose, Sep 21, 4:29am
The blue screen sounds like the DVD player isn't powered on. After plugging it in and turning the power on at the wall, you need to press the ON button on the remote.

little_egypt, Sep 21, 6:28am
There may also be a setting for PAL/NTSC . either on the TV or on the DVD player. You want to make sure that both are using PAL, because PAL is the standard that we normally use in New Zealand.

It's possible that either your mums TV has been switched to NTSC and doesn't recognise the signal from the DVD player OR that the DVD player has been switched to NTSC and your mum's TV is expecting PAL.

Some TVs will autodetect if the signal is NTSC or PAL. Some will still show a picture, but it will be blurry and black and white. Some TVs won't recognise an NTSC signal at all.

richms, Sep 21, 11:06pm
Sounds more like the cables are either in the output or something, or else the tv is just stuffed.

It is a digitor after all.

kevlight, Sep 22, 12:26am
thanks for your reply ssome good suggestions in there !

Have determined all the plugs and leads and DVD and VHSmachines work fine.

I have had another play with TV and it appears the tuning was upset from the remote, I have found a way to get into thetuning menu from the TV controls,i have now 1 3 4 5 6,channel 5 has the VHS vidiotape on channel5how do i get it back to the AV1ie what channel is the AV1 and what channel is DVD on, to tune them correctly ;ie to put them back where they should be .
I have got the VHS vidio going but it is on channel 5,
will try the DVD tonight.

spyware, Sep 22, 1:37am
You're in fairy land, you only get your VCR or other device appearing on RF channel numbers if you have VCR etc. connected via an RF lead. The signal is NOT coming via the composite video (or compnent if you have such cables).

These channel numbers are logical and can be tuned to any real analog PAL channel on VHF band 1 (44-51 MHz + 54 to 61 MHz,channels 1 through 3), band 3 (174 to 230 MHz channels 4 through 7) or UHF band 4 and 5 (518 to 806 MHZ UHF E27 though E62).

You simply select the logical number and then do a MANUAL tune to any frequency. If you use auto tune the TV will start at beginning of band 1 and tune up through band 3 and into UHF bands and put first real channel (could be channel 3 - TV1 from Sugarloaf) on logical number 1, second real channel (could be channel 6 - TV3 from Sugarloaf) on logical number 2 etc. Your VCR is most likely on UHF 30 or so which would appear after TV1/2/3/4 on VHF bands 1 and 3, hence auto tune putting it on 5.

And as stated previously AV inputs are NOT RF (radio frequency) signal so require no tuning. They are baseband video signal inputs. You connect the appropriate lead and push AV button on remote. DVD input is typically component (YUV (colored green/red/blue) + audio L (white) +R (red) - 5 lead cable).

little_egypt, Sep 22, 2:34am
spyware; you're just wasting your time. OP has decided that AV inputs can be tuned and come up as channels, I don't think you're going to persuade them otherwise.

richms, Sep 22, 7:46am
So much wrong there that its not funny.

You dont tune AV inputs, you select them, the onscreen number will show what input is selected and its just on, assuming it is working.

You have the yellow plug in the middle on the side. Normally the yellow is one of the end ones. Recheck that.

You have the DVD players red audio cable in the surround right output, not the front right.

You have a white wire in the audio in on the VHS going somewhere.

You have a component in on the TV, component out on the DVD player and are still using composite video.

Your splitter is connected backwards. Am suprised you are getting any signal at all to the other TV, but it might be one of those really cheap ones that just connects them all together with no regard for signal direction or matching.

little_egypt, Sep 22, 8:10am
+1 what richms says

On the DVD end, red and white plugs should be in "FL" and "FR" -- the two plugs directly next to Video and SVideo

On the TV end, triple-check that red white and yellow are in the correct order. I guarantee they aren't. Yellow is never in the middle.

little_egypt, Sep 22, 8:19am
-1 on component video though. It's a forking CRT. You're never going to notice the difference between component video and Composite and if you're having trouble getting composite right, component is just going to confuse the hell out of you.

supernova2, Sep 22, 8:19am
It appears to me that you have 3 things sitting on/by the TV but from your pics there are only two sets of cables going into the TV.Are you sure that someone (housework etc) hasnt unhooked everything for some reason and then put it all back together wrongly! Looks to me as if you really need to start again from the begining.Does the TV have more than 1 AV input ie AV1 and AV2!If the video is connected in line on the TV aeriel you dont need any av leads running from the tv to the video.

little_egypt, Sep 22, 8:21am
Yeah, they'll figure out what the other box is for when Analog TV gets switched off ;)

little_egypt, Sep 22, 8:32am
Anyhoo. starting to think this might be a wine-up thread. Next comment from OP will tell for sure.

richms, Sep 22, 9:12am
Yes you do, particually on crap TVs which dont have a comb filter, composite is covered in dot crawl and flickering colours on textures on DVD's etc that have lots of resolution. My craptastic 21" CRT in the garage is night and day difference on the OSD menus, news graphics and cartoons between composite and component from the freeview box.

little_egypt, Sep 22, 9:37am
Well, OP has a VCR with mono sound and as near as I can tell has been watching it via the RF input up to now. I'm going to guess that they've also had the DVD sound plugged in to 'surround' on one channel forever and have just never noticed that sound only comes out one speaker.

You might notice the difference but I'm going to bet the OP won't, and that they'll just get completely confuzled by having all the extra plugs to connect up.

kevlight, Sep 24, 2:16am
thanks guysi have followed the suggestions above

now have only the RF aerial cable hooked up to the VHS and the TV

all channels are going okay pictures clear and sound good,

the DVD has soundonly and now a black screen ! hold on just noticed a flicker of colour coming from the DVD very faint andpicture is not locked on it is definitely the dvd picture very faint ,sound is good

so dvd sound but no picture when i push the button for the dvd or Av the screen used to be blue, now it is black ,
any ideas that i can try !

little_egypt, Sep 24, 3:21am
call a tech.

pete, Sep 20, 11:22am
My digitor tv wont come on after i plug in to wall power socket could it be that no power is going through from inside tv somewhere?

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