Wireless printer stopped working

janz4, Sep 22, 9:50am
I have Ipad 2, the printer was working fine then just stopped.
Any idea what I can check in case I acidentally turned something off.

king1, Sep 22, 10:51am
Turn the printer off for 10 seconds, pull the plug out. On occasion they will drop the wireless connection.

If that no go also power down the wireless router/modem

executor1, Sep 24, 3:20am
Assuming that the printer is connected to your wireless router and that it is getting an ip address automatically, check that the ip address is correct. I've had a similar sounding problem several times and it is always the ip address.

shazpetal, Sep 24, 7:17am
the scanner on my wireless printer came up with not found/connected out of the blue, I ended up having to reinstall the software and all was good. don't know what went wrong as it was all ok last time I used it.

janz4, Sep 24, 11:59pm
Thanks, Guys, seems my printer was constipated. Too big a job and so decided to stop.

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