Genuine HP printer ink cartridge leaked

bryshaw, Sep 23, 9:19pm
in the printer and there is ink from .hole to breakfast. Does anyone know what solvents to use to clean up the mess!

gyrogearloose, Sep 23, 9:25pm

bryshaw, Sep 23, 9:31pm
Will try that.ta

hakatere1, Sep 23, 11:10pm
I used kitchen tissues and once the worst of it was up, just sprayed with crc electric cleaner and more tissues. Mine was so bad it didn't work any more. Went to dse to get a new printer and an asian guy worked there said to try it coz it worked for him. And it did work.

bryshaw, Sep 24, 4:19am
I was told by HP that a faulty or worn out printer head could cause the cartridge to spew out ink, but in the circumstances not worth mucking around with. Luckily I also have a newer printer.

namtak, Sep 24, 11:27am
That's funny cause the print nozzle is in the cartridge for HP Cartridges.

gj, Sep 24, 11:37am
Yes, but that's one of the traps with refilling cartridges with integrated print heads (like HP) that are only designed to be disposable.

thewomble1, Sep 24, 2:41pm
I found that I can refill 3-4 times before quality drops.

nzmu, Sep 24, 6:13pm
depends on the age. they recent (few years now) no longer have the integrated print head. Although a great idea, the consumer only understands the exorbitant price on the shelf as compared to others so HP moved with the consumer.

bryshaw, Sep 24, 7:58pm
It was an older type printer (933c) so was probably going to develop a fault sooner or later. It was the first time I had ever experienced a printer leak down though.messy.

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