Help please. sound from computer to tv

maegit, Sep 21, 8:09am
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. It still plays the video side of it on tv, just decides to not play sound. Really frustrating. Dont have speakers running on computer either. The headphone part still works on the computer usually tho.

thebigratchet, Sep 21, 8:33am
Are you using an HDMI cable to connect to your TV!

maegit, Sep 21, 8:40am
Yes and a yamaha RX-Z7 amp going to the tv. It works sometimes and not others. I think its cheaper to buy a new computer than get it fixed since they never really fix it.

richms, Sep 21, 11:04pm
If its going by an amp then it can really depend on the order that things are turned on as to what the amp identified itself to the computer as.

Try changing the order you power things up.

HDMI is a real PITA for things like this. Hate it.

drsr, Sep 21, 11:16pm
What computer is it! Does it have optical or SPDIF out! For desktops there is sometimes an SPDIF output on the motherboard you can hook up to.

maegit, Oct 31, 11:18am
Thankyou it now WORKS. youre right. its the order things are turned on (and off!)
No need to muck around with the computer. just turn the amp back to tv before turning off (so it turns back on as tv/sky/satellite) and unplug the computer to the amp cable until tv and amp are switched on and ready to go.

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