Plasma or LCD in a 42 inch TV?

sarah1955, Sep 21, 6:04am
Can anyone tell me which is the better option.thinking of getting a Panasonic 42 inch , just not sure whether to get plasma or LCD!

vtecintegra, Sep 21, 6:12am
At the budget end LCD is probably the way to go.

Be aware Panasonic LCDs use an IPS panel, which produces excellent pictures and good viewing angles except for on dark colours that will wash out when you view the screen at an angle.

intrade, Sep 21, 6:28am
you want LED nothing else.

vtecintegra, Sep 21, 6:29am
Explain why you think that.

The only real advantage is lower power consumption, and these are some still very efficient CCFL LCDs around.

intrade, Sep 21, 6:37am
exactly that. best power saver . europe has no plasma on sale no more all A grade appliance only forsale there.

vtecintegra, Sep 21, 6:43am
That isn't true, there are certainly plasmas that meet European standards available. They also sell a lot of terrible crap there too, just like you get here.

ropes2, Sep 21, 6:48am
Rubbish, I was there a few weeks back and Plasma's were certainly in the shops in UK and Italy.

Power consumption tends to depend on the quality, some plasma's/LCD's can be very efficient - some can be very inefficient too.

sarah1955, Sep 21, 7:37am
Thanks, still not sure.

ropes2, Sep 21, 7:50am
simple - get the one the looks the best for the money you have.

outbidyou2, Sep 21, 7:56am
Move over Jazz, the new euro man is here

ooseven1, Sep 21, 8:19am
one thing, if you have young kids, which is a + for the plasmas is the screens have plate glass exteriorswhich means if a youngling presses their fingers on the screen (kids will be kids), it??

king1, Sep 21, 8:25am
Had a LCD prior to my current Panasonic Viera plasma. Wouldn't go back - plasma is much better IMHO

sarah1955, Sep 21, 8:36am
Lots of great info .thanks

badcam, Sep 21, 9:54am
Plasma still looks better to me. Some seriously crazy rices out there at the moment.

It comes down to day viewing or night viewing. I don't care what anyone says, plasma beats LED and LCD for sports scenes and fast moving sideways scrolling action.

navestrebor, Sep 21, 10:33am
Have a 42" Panasonic Plasma Viera - the ST30. Fantastic.

vtecintegra, Sep 21, 10:43am
Depends on the model - some of the cheap plasmas are pretty terrible for fast stuff (as are some of the cheap LCDs)

nzscribe, Sep 21, 12:02pm
Plasma . all the way.LED is still and LCD panel with different back lighting.To me LCD and LED is like looking at a painting. Plasma is like looking out of your window . as in more depth, colour, and more realism. And they are better more any fast motion, as in sports, gaming, action movies, etc.

ropes2, Sep 21, 1:24pm
Agree with plasma typically having the better picture and motion panning, but also agree that it depends on the model - the low end ones can be awful.

ceedoubleyou, Sep 21, 10:37pm
don't forget the reflections in a plasma, but a good plasma will always look and perform better than a good LCD, I have both in the house and I will always watch sports on the plasma, being 65" is another plus :-)

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