Laptop comparison. Acer vs Toshiba

lsl0907, Sep 19, 9:13am
Hi guys,

Thinking of buying either acer m3 or toshiba satellite pro L850

1. Acer!p=1237148 2. Toshiba!p=1347893

Which one looks better!
And any other suggestions! (i5 or i7, HD7670 similar or higher, under $1400)

And how's the bulid quality for Toshiba's like!
I've used an Acer laptop for around 2 years and looking at my mate's, I think Acer laptops have very low build quality! (maybe not the highend ones, but I'm looking at $1500 max)

Thanks guys.

vtecintegra, Sep 19, 9:18am
Your links are broken!e=1237148!e=1347893

Anyway they're both pretty cruddy machines IMO, I'd look at the Lenovo T530 with the NVS5400M and 1920x1080 screen, currently available for around $1400ex GST (you pay a bit more but its a very solidly built system)

vtecintegra, Sep 19, 9:19am

lsl0907, Sep 19, 9:30am
Thanks for the comment, but I don't personally like lenovo designs.

vtecintegra, Sep 19, 9:32am
Yeah I can see they look dated.

Really you don't have many options for a quality laptop, the consumer stuff like you listed focuses on being cheap over being well put together.

gj, Sep 19, 10:31am
Despite the comments above - go for any Toshiba over an Acer one.

fastboy42, Sep 19, 10:41am
Just a quick comment. I purchased a Acer Laptop and it self destructed after a week. I got a refund and purchased a Toshiba laptop. I have had it for nearly 5 years now. I would go for the Toshiba.

incognetoe, Sep 19, 10:43am
No comparison Acer's are junk- lots of problems even under warranty. A Toshiba will last longer and give fewer problems.
Based on my experience as a computer repairman.

quotejoss, Sep 19, 10:55am
i havn't had a toshiba before, but i will never buy an acer again

fastboy42, Sep 19, 11:00am
Another side note in regards to my post above. When I did try and get my Acer replaced, Acer said they rain it for 6 hours without any problems and refused to take it back. It was a dead obvious hardware fault. It would turn off after a few minutes of being turned on. Destroying any work as well as corrupting files in the process. I personally would never touch an Acer again and it appears that a few people above have had the same problem.

lsl0907, Sep 19, 11:22am
Toshiba it is. Thanks for the help guys!

venom10, Sep 19, 11:27am
Be careful about buying an Acer. i bought 1 4 years ago. took it home and unpacked and turned on. there was 3 dead pixels on the screen. i phoned Acer support and they said that there has to be at least 6 dead pixels before they replace it. Ha well i took it back to the retail shop and got a full refund. never again

furiray, Sep 20, 9:21am
Buy toshiba and look for CPU i5 dual speed of more than 1BG and RAM or more than 1GB.

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