Cables for Vintage Data General Portable PC

Anybody have any hanging around!

geek_slambo70, Sep 22, 6:38 pm

Are you referring to com port cables!

geek_babcorp, Sep 22, 7:20 pm

Power cables, the whole lot, just have the bare unit and I would love to get it running, far from being an expert, just out of curiosity.

geek_slambo70, Sep 22, 7:24 pm

Specify exactly what you want and I'll put up an auction for you (we have to do it that way). cheers

geek_gj, Sep 22, 9:13 pm

Sorry - it looks like my collection went to the recyclers with my last cleanup.

geek_gj, Sep 22, 9:45 pm

They really only need the power supply. 5.8v DC, 5A . can't tell what kind of plug but IIRC it was a fairly standard round one.

Printer lead should be a regular parallel printer cable, good luck getting a modern printer to understand straight ASCII though. And modem is a plain old rs232. Any old 'serial port' external modem should work. You could probably even get on the internet using ka9q nos or the lynx browser and crnwr ppp drivers.

geek_little_egypt, Sep 22, 9:51 pm

Selling it without cables.

geek_slambo70, Sep 22, 10:31 pm