How to run a PC on TV

dawn34, Sep 18, 8:24am
I have a VGA cable to connect, I was advsied it was as easy a plugging it in and selecting PC in the source menu.all I get is ano connection message!

intrade, Sep 18, 8:27am
does your tv have vga! i upgraded my grafix card so when i ever by a tv i can connect with hdmi as vga is low res i be buying a full hd tv only 1080 or higher res.

intrade, Sep 18, 8:28am
on tv you would have a menu called pc connection you would need to activate that with the remote.

dawn34, Sep 18, 8:29am
yes it has a vga port, son was just going to set up his PC to game for abit but no luck

dawn34, Sep 18, 8:30am
intrade, when I press he source button a menu comes up and I select PC

intrade, Sep 18, 8:30am
your sure its connected and the pc is acuarly on!

spyware, Sep 18, 8:31am
And TVs can only recognise a specific set of 16:9 ratio or 4:3 ratio resolutions at 60 Hz. Cheap plasmas only 1024x768 which is actually a 4:3 ratio resolution so will be stretched horizontally into fatsovision.

dawn34, Sep 18, 8:32am
yep it was connected and turned, I even had a go.

intrade, Sep 18, 8:33am
i do it the other way i dont own a tv i run tv freeview with a sat tuner card on my linux over the pc monitor with kaffeine

intrade, Sep 18, 8:36am
clint eastwood now on prime i go wotch .good luck . and try another pc laptop and other cable. maybe the tv is faulty if it dont works

_drdee_, Sep 19, 4:13am
Turn the pc off first, connect vga cable from pc to vga input on tv (make sure the vga is connected to the graphics card vga port not the proprietry vga post on the pc). Then start up the pc. I have had this before and required the pc to be off and start up to detect the correct drivers/resolution for the tv.

axelvonduisberg, Sep 19, 4:18am
My Samsung 55inch, has to be set to PC and i put the 5 metre HDMI cable into the port on the Laptop

mr_lovebug, Sep 19, 4:55am
What is the version of the o/s!

Could it be the pc is not setup to push out the 2nd screen!

peterg1, Sep 19, 6:24am
It may be an idiotic question, but have you set your display settings on your PC to recognise a second monitor!

azza20, Sep 19, 7:00am
I assume you are disconnecting the monitor and trying to plug the PC straight into the TV! Otherwise you will need to turn on the second monitor in your control panel and have a dual screen setup.

azza20, Sep 19, 7:02am
VGA is able to display at 1920 x 1080 full HD but HDMI is easier to use and also carries audio channels.

gibler, Sep 19, 7:15am
Well yes it should be but there seem to be a lot of Full HD Tvs out there that don't support that high resolution when using VGA. And then there are EDID bugs with both the graphics drivers and within the TV firmware.

vtecintegra, Sep 19, 7:20am
Yeah my Panasonic will only do 1366x768 on VGA, 180p works find on HDMI

gibler, Sep 19, 7:22am
180p! was it from the warehouse!

lostdude, Sep 19, 7:26am
My old Sony Ericsson phone could do 180p LOL :p

Anyway, back to the OP, make sure the 2nd monitor is enabled on the PC or if you've connected the TV as the ONLY display, check the max resolution it can handle and change the monitor settings to that on the PC first.

intrade, Sep 19, 8:31pm
i checked out my mates freeview box would not connect to his tv no more told him his box is poked. some guy came and it works again. I think i know what that guy did the only thing we did not do unplug and reset the unit . this usually means do the unit is likely going to crap it self soon.So if it dontworks return tv for them to show how it works or repair of the item under warranty

intrade, Sep 19, 8:33pm
you have to try a few laptops they are the most probable ones to work on a tv as there vga out is designed for external display by default.

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