pawznfinz, Sep 18, 11:21pm
Thinking of getting one of these but still a bit unsure. Be interested to hear some thoughts/reviews please TIA

pawznfinz, Sep 18, 11:31pm
oh! just realised that there is no microsoft office on them.plas cancelled. Will wait till they come out with something useful :o)

pato1, Sep 19, 1:58am
Don't know much about them, but can't you install office or alternative!.

black-heart, Sep 19, 2:12am
guess hes waiting for windows 8 tablets.

vtecintegra, Sep 19, 5:45am
Not really, there aren't any even remotely fully featured office suites available fro Android or iOS.

Really though tablets are a terrible form factor for doing work on, you'd be way better off with a regular laptop

mikep, Sep 19, 5:52am
The Note 10.1 comes with Polaris Office pre-installed:
If you're going to do serious business stuff, then use a desktop. Otherwise get an external keyboard.
Polaris Office is a *portable* alternative to MS Office, with cloud storage so it would more likely be used to maintain existing document on the road without lugging a PC around.

So I guess the OP was a troll! Hmmm!

vtecintegra, Sep 19, 5:55am
Polaris Office is terrible, even compared to something free on the PC like LibreOffice

mikep, Sep 19, 9:07am
Terrible! I haven't even tried it yet, so why do you think it's below your standards!

pawznfinz, Sep 19, 7:31pm
So I guess the OP was a troll! Hmmm![/quote]And how did you come to that conclusion! I decided to buy something that I initially liked - then found out more and it didnt serve my purpose - and posted accordingly to stop people wasting their time on it. So whats wrong with that! I thought my second post was pretty self explanatory. Sometimes one just cant win either ways on the MB.very judgemental. Anyhow. have a good day all.

mikep, Sep 19, 11:10pm
Well, the thing that got me straight away was that the Note runs the Android OS and MS Office runs on the Windows OS - so it would be more likely to have some look-alike Office. Also tablets are not really good for doing word processing/spreadsheets etc.

People aren't buying tablets when a laptop/descktop would serve them better. They probably already have a desktop. However there are a lot of Android/Apple debates flying around based on personal preferences with little rational basis, and your post looked like that.

pawznfinz, Sep 20, 1:37am
oh ok, all good then. I just hope one day there is a tablet which has microsoft office stuff on it. so it can be like a miniature laptop :p

vtecintegra, Sep 20, 1:43am
If you want a miniature laptop then why not just get a miniature laptop!

You're going to need a keyboard and touchpad attached anyway as a touch screen is not useful for Office applications

monid, Sep 20, 11:29am
I have just gotten my note today & am finding it brilliant. I have used both Polaris & kingsoft office (free download) & they are both perfectly fine for basic work when you are on the road.

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