Kyocera printer problem

rpvr, Sep 18, 8:59am
I have an old Kyocera laser printer FS-1000+ which has worked well for several years. Following a recent reinstall of Windows XP I have a problem printing from Excel, in that it is cutting off the most of the first column when printing. Strangely enough, when print preview is viewed, everything looks ok. Other types of documents (Word, PDF, even the printer test page) all print ok.I can print the Excel spreadsheets ok on my other printer (Epson inkjet). Any ideas!

spyware, Sep 18, 9:25am
Which driver are you using and what is the paper size set to!

rpvr, Sep 18, 9:32am
The Mini-PCL-Win2k_XP-v3.6. This is the driver I used before and worked well. I have only ever used basic printing functions with the printer so haven't needed to install the larger driver with all the advanced capabilities. I have since tried the more advanced driver but no difference to the printing of excel files. Paper size is set to A4 which is what it always has been.

jhan, Sep 18, 8:36pm
I have the FS1010 network printer. It seems to me that it would be something in excel rather than the printer.

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