32 bit vs 64 bit

jakeb1136, Sep 18, 9:25am
If you buy a new computer today with windows 7 installed, is it likely to be 32 bit or 64 bit ! I am having trouble with a device driver.

suicidemonkey, Sep 18, 9:28am
Almost always 64 bit compatible but AFAIK you have the option to choose when you first boot up the computer(for Windows anyway)

jakeb1136, Sep 18, 9:31am
Thanks - I didn't know what we bought - just thought it was a basic computer and I didn't specify.I am trying to download a new meter and the only thing I can find in troubleshooting is that it needs to be 32 bit.grrr

oclaf, Sep 18, 9:40am
A new meter! What are you trying to run!
Press the windows key plus pause/break to bring up the system properties. That will tell you if x64 or not.

ooseven1, Sep 18, 9:41am
left click on start , right click on "Computer" and select properties.
This should tell you 32 bit or 64 bit under system type

jakeb1136, Sep 18, 9:41am
I'm trying to download a new blood glucose meter :)
and we have 64 bit and it seems that it won't ever work.

r.g.nixon, Sep 18, 9:59am
I've never found a 32-bit program that won't run on a 64-bit system. Only 16-bit programs are likely to be a problem.

ooseven1, Sep 18, 10:03am
This may not help as you say its a Device Driver up the top .if its a program (rather then a driver for a piece of hardware), you could try running the program in compatibility mode.

check out the link below and see if that helps (shows how to run something in compatibility mode.)

gibler, Sep 18, 10:05am
medical-type software is usually pretty suspect. I've had to install 32-bit versions of Win 7 in the past because they have no 64-bit drivers.

r.g.nixon, Sep 18, 10:29am
Oh, I didn't spot that. Drivers are a different kettle of fish. You might have to install a 'virtual machine' environment such as VirtualBox and install a 32-bit operating system in it. Or set up a dual-boot system. Or just use a second older computer.

gsimpson, Sep 18, 2:27pm
You may need to install the driver manually via the Device manager. I had to do that with a USB electronic programmer I have last night.

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