Apple advice please!

Listing #: 514345494
hey guys is this agood deal!

geek_blurple1, Sep 17, 7:57 pm

$1200 and it's nearly 3 years old.

$1999 brand new.

geek_linmc, Sep 17, 8:13 pm

i had offered $950 wasnt sure what new price was

geek_blurple1, Sep 17, 8:17 pm

Compare the specs to 514231738
Or any other $1000 computer on TM.
Then ask yourself if it's a good deal.

You'd have to really, really want an Apple to pay that much for an under specced 3 year old computer.

geek_oclaf, Sep 17, 8:34 pm

Well the Core2 Duo in that iMac still holds up well compared to a modern AMD CPU (which are garbage for most tasks) and the screen you get on the iMac is pretty good (would cost $300-400 for something similar for a PC)

The rest of the iMac is very outdated though, especially the slow hard disk and graphics card

geek_vtecintegra, Sep 17, 8:38 pm

Its not a bad deal but it is the older dual core processor and for 800 more you can get brand new with latest processor etc. You cant really compare it to a $1000 windows PC. Also its $2500 for the faster Imac 21.5 inch, $2000 gets you the entry level version.

geek_azza20, Sep 17, 8:40 pm

There isn't any real performance difference between the two configs of the current 21" iMac - they both have pretty fast CPUs and pretty slow disks and graphics (disks are a big problem on OSX these days too, it runs much better off an SSD)

geek_vtecintegra, Sep 17, 8:43 pm

I might add I have a Imac and it is freakin awesome. Mind you mine is a 27 innch so the screen is huge. My friend has a 21.5 though and it is still beautiful and sometimes the smaller screen is better especially if reading lots from it or working on documents.

geek_azza20, Sep 17, 8:51 pm

hey thanks guys am thinking might get the latest new one lol

geek_blurple1, Sep 17, 8:53 pm

Wise move.

geek_linmc, Sep 17, 8:55 pm

Why not! It's the same bloody stuff inside.

geek_oclaf, Sep 17, 8:57 pm

Because one is windows and one is Apple. Add to that the design factor and end of story. Would I rather have a $1200 Imac or a $1000 PC with a$200 screen - No comparison for me.

geek_azza20, Sep 17, 9:16 pm

If you are buying new, might pay to wait, rumors are stating that the iMac is due for a refresh next month.

Alternatively you could buy a refurbished iMac.

geek_missyone, Sep 17, 9:17 pm

meh. worth closer to $800 and I don't see the office disk in the pic.

geek_gibler, Sep 17, 10:32 pm