Apple iPhone 4S (16gb)

marlin9, Sep 12, 8:48pm
Have a blind friend thinking of one of these with SIRI function but would like to try one first anybody able to help, seems shops say try you buy is that correct.Prefer South Auckland area

_sms_, Sep 12, 8:54pm
Wait for the iPhone 5.Better Siri.

jackiechan3, Sep 12, 8:57pm
the siri doesn't under stand n.z engish you ask it something it can't understand or comes up with something totally different

marlin9, Sep 12, 9:00pm
Not what my relation in OZ tells us.

pyro_sniper2002, Sep 12, 9:01pm
Mine works OK for NZ english, but to be fair even some ozzys ask if im from Sydney (Dunedin my whole life)

footplate1, Sep 12, 9:27pm
LOLUntil I lost my Southern accent, I had the same comment!

Miss Dunedin!

trevenco, Sep 13, 5:12am
Ok then so you don't have one I take it! Siri is awesome!
Set it to Australia & it's great.

Also the new operating system in the iphone 5 ios6 is available in a week for updating iphone 4 & 4S so it will be even better then.

mattnzw, Sep 13, 5:43am
Won't it be the same! It is ios6 that makes the difference isn't it, where ios6 will improve siri.

trevenco, Sep 13, 5:46am
That's correct.

vtecintegra, Sep 13, 5:47am
The new iPhone has a much fancier microphone setup which may or may not help with voice recognition

Personally I've had much better luck with voice recognition on Android, although it does need a data connection present.

mattnzw, Sep 13, 7:11am
I think it is more the NZ accent that is the problem than anything. Also I don't think it has the features that they have in the US. eg I am not sure it will be able to look up sports results. It looks like siri is going to be on all new ios devices now which is nice to see. It should have been on the ipad 2 though as it's specs were very similar to the iphone 4s

norse_westie, Sep 13, 8:02am
Siri seems to understand my swearing a whole lot better than she understands my instructions. She can get my music first pop, and even names I ask her to text or phone, but the message gets completely messed up.

xxsaffyxx, Sep 16, 9:36am
Rofl. I tried having a conversation with Siri recently.All it could answer with, was - I don't understand. shall I look that up for you on the web!

However, was driving through the city last week and my daughter was checking my phone for messages - and I was looking sideways watching her.She thought I hadn't seen a red light so yelled out loudly a warning to stop.Poor Siri - said . "what did I do to deserve that!"

-mung-, Sep 16, 9:42am
I imagine that google has access to a much larger pool of voice data to do it's statistical analysis from when recognising a voice. Could be wrong.

A friend with a 4S and I laughed our arses off when we couldn't get it to understand us until I spoke in a strong occa accent.

trevenco, Sep 16, 11:18am
I don't get all this talk about Siri not understanding kiwis. I have no problems at all. It's set to aus voice and understands pretty much ecerthing i say. Sometimes i have to speak a little bit slower than normal speed, but i love it, it's all good all day for me.

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