Which printer for 6x4 photos?

wendalls, Sep 14, 9:59am
Hi. Could anyone recommend a printer for our Playcentrephotos! We take lots of photos every day but as a not for profit volunteer run organisation on a tight budget would appreciate any suggestions. At present parents can download what they want to from a website but in reality they often dont get printed.It would be good to know what could be our best option other than a weekly upload to a photolab.thanks

pyro_sniper2002, Sep 14, 10:15am
To be honest your cheapest option is going to the warehouse and getting them printed off when they are running a promo.

pa2, Sep 14, 10:18am
a lot of printers may be cheap to buy, but you sure spend a whole lot on printing inks, especially if you buy the proper inks. the trouble with the cheaper "compatible" inks is they can easily fade within a year of printing.

gj, Sep 14, 10:33am
Printers are cheap - ink is not!
Its hard to get a dedicated photo printer any more (like the Canon Selphy range) as nearly all colour printers are now multifunction devices. Ideally you want one that can print without having to use the PC and a Canon MG3160 might be a good option. It is also wireless so you can print direct from a mobile device. ($100 or so) It uses one black and one tricolour ink, so its simple to change, but if you want to spend more you could get a model with individual inks (I would suggest to keep it as simple as possible) Gloss photo Paper and ink would cost 20c or more per photo.
If you want to pay for the instant convenience then its not too bad.

wendalls, Sep 14, 7:34pm
Thanks gj. That sounds ok. It is definitely convenience i am thinking of as i know all about expensive ink and cheap printers from my home one.
Pa2- the fading ink is a concern. but i guess we will be able to reprint down the track.

little_egypt, Sep 14, 8:12pm
If the parents are already downloading them from the website that's probably good enough. Nowdays people probably don't need them printed because they can just carry the downloaded ones on their phone to show people, and bluetooth them from one phone to another if their friend wants a copy. And if they really want them printed, the parents can go to the warehouse and print them themselves.

shaun16, Sep 14, 9:03pm
10c a photo at the warehouse currently. i would say thats cheaper than any printer can print plus it'll be almost guaranteed better quality

ceebee2, Sep 14, 9:45pm
It may be cheaper to use The Warehouse or some other business.if you ask they may part sponsor in return for little advertising in your school newsletter for them.

If you must buy a printer, I would recommend Canon hands down for quality and reliability, no printer is economic on ink. I would also recommend a canon printer that does NOT have the "Bi.Tri" colour tanks for economic reasons, but this will push the price up. I know DSE were specialing a Canon printer for $59.00, but it has the tri colour tanks. For those that are also unaware the Canon range of printers state that provided you use genuine Canon ink tanks and Canon print Pro paper, their pictures will remain colour fast for up to 20 years. No other printer company offers that.

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