Commodore 64 - mint & complete

is there any market for them!My Aunt is down sizing and has her full set up from when she had kids at home way back when.

geek_angelah1, Sep 13, 5:27 pm

HECK YES . lots of ppl still after those
Do a reall good photo & make sure you include everything that you haveinto the auction details
If there is a lot of it, then it may pay better to split it up a little

geek_mrfxit, Sep 13, 5:29 pm

LOL the first thing I ever sold on here!id=7867593
Man I almost wish Id kept it, brings back memories

geek_fordluva, Sep 13, 6:24 pm

load "*" ,8,1

geek_gibler, Sep 13, 6:32 pm

Please press play on tape

geek_fordluva, Sep 13, 6:34 pm

lol ppl are mental, i get my nostalgia fix from emulators. oh crap I've said too much.

geek_black-heart, Sep 13, 6:53 pm

+1 indeed. Some stuff was as good as I thought at the time but many a thing was in the "what was I thinking!" category.

geek_gibler, Sep 13, 6:54 pm

I have one of the original tan ones with brown keys, and tape player with some software on casettes. Still in its original (but worn) box. I always wondered if it would be worth something one day.

geek_phillip.weston, Sep 13, 7:00 pm

+1 I play nintendo 64 games on my PC, and now on my android tablet too

geek_jethro27, Sep 14, 12:32 am


geek_nzdoug, Sep 14, 6:51 am