Internet experts please - Suss out US business

Can anyone with the know --how help me out!

Looking into a business called Quantum Consolidated which is based at 546 Madison Ave, New York 10022. website

Struggling to find out about them online, can see that location on google maps but doesn't give me any info other than that.

This is for investment so wanting to do our homework but our investigative skills are obviously lacking!

Thanks computer peeps :-)

geek_mooshiesmum, Sep 13, 9:47 pm

Registered in Panama, and only registered Dec 2011, although their website says they have been trading since 2004

There are absolutely no credentials or testimonials on their site - looks a bit dodgy to me!

geek_gj, Sep 13, 9:56 pm

Ok, so would that suggest it is dodgy then!

geek_mooshiesmum, Sep 13, 9:59 pm

Ok, so I see the IP is in Amsterdam - is that adding fuel to this fire!

geek_mooshiesmum, Sep 13, 10:01 pm

Yes - also see my updated #2

geek_gj, Sep 13, 10:01 pm

Thanks gj - best I have words with my lovely hubby and thank god I did this tonight!

geek_mooshiesmum, Sep 13, 10:04 pm

hmmm futures trading . hmmm

geek_gibler, Sep 13, 10:19 pm

in the page source their [broken] news feed is coming from

Not what I would expect on a corporate site

geek_king1, Sep 13, 10:23 pm

They took me for 30k. Can't believe that I was so stupid. Steve Richards could steal the milk from your coffee.

geek_bugs, Apr 8, 5:30 pm

Bunch of crooks, how dumb I was, took me for 30k. Steve Richards could steal the milk from your coffee.

geek_bugs, Apr 8, 5:32 pm

hey geek bugs, please get in contact with me asap regard this company. i have fallen into their trap.

geek_geeks, Jun 9, 1:54 pm

They have just taken me for 6400.00 Cannot believe I have been caught out.I wonder who one sees to take legal action?
Regards to all.
Paul O'Donnell
New Zealand.

geek_pod., Jun 27, 2:23 pm

Hahahah I have your money and your cat!!!

geek_steve_richards, Jul 14, 8:17 pm

Give me back my cat!!! I am a knob.

geek_paul_o'donnell, Jul 14, 8:18 pm