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ang_ck, Sep 11, 11:14pm
Gosh, it was filthy inside my PC. I opened it up, gave the cooling fan and the CPU fan a good clean, and vaccum the motherboard. The PSU is filthy, have to open it up to clean the fans and vac around the components.

Now it is good and gold and the will be doing it in another 6 months to a year.

trade_menow, Sep 11, 11:17pm
you vaccumed your motherboard, risky . hope you used a antistatic strap

king1, Sep 11, 11:20pm
anti-static strap isn't going to stop static from the vacuum cleaner.

I've had at least 2 clients trash there mother boards after doing this.

ang_ck, Sep 11, 11:23pm
yea, all that done. I have been doing it regularly. I cannot stand the dust. I should have got a better casing where I can put some sort of air filter in it (not sure if such a casing exist)

My PSU is coming to its 10th year. my MB is coming to its 6th year.

ceebee2, Sep 11, 11:24pm
Best way is to use a can of compressed air and blow it outside. Also lock fans from spinning.

ang_ck, Sep 11, 11:26pm
I use my dyson vac with long flat tube extension and a paintbrush

hopie, Sep 12, 12:47am
Can of compressed air is not the best way to clean it. It still contains moisture. as said above make sure you earth yourself out, weather is wearing an earth strap or simply touching the frame of the PC (unplugged of corse) then use a vacuume cleaner but not a metal hose one as this is what will pass any static electricity. use a plastice pipe.

and to answer your Q OP not enough I get PCs all the time with blown PSU or CPUs due to over heating,

ang_ck, Sep 12, 1:02am
hopie, thanks for sharing. i am anal about my PSU. I think paid alot of good PSU, mine is the Antec brand and has last a long itme.

hakatere1, Sep 12, 1:22am
I always use the short plastic end of vac cleaner and never buggered one. Have done it hundreds of times. This argument comes up all the time. An acquaintance gave me his machine to do a job and it was full of mouse droppings. Mouse must have got in through open add on card slots that weren't covered. He got on my desk and ate my lunch crumbs before I nailed him with a trap. Never had a mouse in this house before, so I assume it came from that pc. It was also covered in fly shit, lovely.

lythande1, Sep 12, 1:25am
There is no static from vacuum cleaners. How many times you had a shock from one! These days the things are plastic anyway.geez.

More like trashed it by banging components around.

gj, Sep 12, 2:21am
NO don't unplug the PC, just turn the power off. Leaving the power cord in gives the best earth connection you can get.

king1, Sep 12, 2:31am

zeroh, Sep 12, 8:19am
Static is not from vacuum but from the interaction of dust particles and sourcing an earth .eg

gj, Sep 12, 8:33am
So when was the last time you saw a PC explode when a vacuum cleaner was used! These vids apply to High speed dust extractors and a high voltage spark in a controlled atmosphere. Same applies to coal dust and milk powder - both can produce highly explosive conditions with suspended particles and the right air mixture.

incognetoe, Sep 12, 8:44am
Many case's now have built in removable dust filters, or you can buy after market filters that screw to the fans.

ang_ck, Sep 12, 8:47am
thanks for that information. maybe it is time to upsize my casing.

doctor_evil99, Sep 12, 10:29am
I vacuum inside my PC every month or so for the last ten years or so.especially around the PSU.

deviant.s, Sep 12, 10:44am
Air compressor ftw!

boots0016, Sep 12, 11:08pm

louisesamosa, Sep 12, 11:15pm
I would have said never until Sunday when I had to dismantle to see if I could get the backspace key to work again. All good now which makes typing assignments so much easier!

dylandylandylan, Sep 12, 11:19pm
That would scare the S**T out of me

kevymtnz, Sep 12, 11:21pm
once a year take it outside use aircompressor
vac the MB is kinda risky

lupe4u, Sep 12, 11:47pm
As part of our customer service, we always clean the machine if we have it open.

I agree with gj, leave the PC plugged in - good earth wire.
At the least, you should touch the frame of the PC ??

dagon1, Sep 12, 11:58pm
im a novice to cleaning a i just leave plug in but power off and once open do i make sure i keep one hand touching the case the whole timeor do i just touch it once and im good to go cheers.

r.g.nixon, Sep 13, 1:15am
Touch the case more than once if you are on a non-woollen carpet or are wearing polyester/nylon clothing.

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