Is down?, Sep 11, 12:42pm
I cant access Anyone else have this issue!, Sep 11, 12:42pm
Server not found
can't find the server at

gj, Sep 11, 10:13pm
not down, Telstra - all Clear!

napierdude12, Sep 11, 10:24pm
not down telstra all clear, Sep 12, 8:01am
Hi, thanks for your reply. it was 12am~2am i was trying to access it. But now theres a new issue., Sep 12, 8:01am
The Proxy Was Unable to Fulfill Your Request

The proxy was unable to fulfill your request because the computer at
80 did not respond to the proxy's attempt(s) to connect.

The website may be temporarily unavailable. If later attempts to access this website are still unsuccessful, you may wish to contact the website's administrator.

Sun Java System Web Proxy Server at

gj, Sep 12, 8:12am
I've had advice today from that there have been problems in some areas. Quote.
"Due to outages earlier in the day, customers may experience username and password authentication issues when connecting to the internet. Please do not alter your username and password settings.

Please restart your router or modem and try reconnecting. If this does not resolve the issue, please hold to speak with one of our Support Specialists. Please be advised that we are experiencing high call volume at present."

Also if you have McAfee antivirus there is a bug in the update released on Sunday which may affect your connection.

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