How good is apple tv?

nicolaas3, Oct 7, 7:12am
Currently have sky but am getting sick of the long ads and cost.

Is Apple TV a viable alternative yet! Not so much for movies, but for run of the mill programs and ideally cycling events live streaming.

dunedin_ree, Oct 7, 9:37am
Apple TV is not a replacement for Sky or even Freeview.

You can only get TV programmes via Apple TV if you have a US iTunes account.

mazdasix, Oct 7, 10:02pm
Yeah I think you might want to research what Apple TV actually is. It does not provide TV channels like Sky or Freeview.

And long ads! Sky's own channels don't have ads, only promos for upcoming programs. only channels that they pass through from other networks like TVNZ haves ads.

nicolaas3, Oct 8, 4:52am
Cheers for the info. By ads I meant their own promos, which are just as long and frustrating.
So it sounds like that apart form HD movie renting its not really come of age yet. Was kind of hoping that the content was good.

mazdasix, Oct 8, 7:15am
It's not that it hasn't come of age, it's that it wasn't made to be an alternative to paid (or even free) tv, it's a content streaming service

Apple tv is not really any different to hooking up a computer to your tv

gibler, Oct 8, 7:17am
I hardly watch any ads on Sky these days. I record the programmes and fast forward through the ads.

richyrich, Oct 8, 8:31am
apple tv isnt tv.its a media player.You can buy a basic one for $40.You pay $160 for the word apple.

mattnzw, Oct 8, 8:49am
Nah, it can do a lot more and is far more powerful than a cheapie player. It can allow you to airplay video content from an ipad to a tv, which is it's best feature. Also play video/music on a computer with itunes. Apart from that it is largely a pay per view device.

vtecintegra, Oct 8, 8:52am
Airplay is the killer feature for the Apple TV.

mazdasix, Oct 8, 11:56am
Yep but if you don't need AirPlay then it can easily be replaced with a cheap computer with iTunes

cleetusnz, Oct 8, 6:31pm
ive had one for about 3 months. you can do a lot with it, but it wont replace your sky/freeview until we can get netflix legally in NZ. I use mine all the time for watching podcasts and youtube.

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