Can I make my non 3G iPad, 3 g able?

kmole, Sep 29, 6:57pm
Hi, we just use it at home normally but just wondering if I can get something for those times we go on holidays. Shoulda bought the 3 g option.

ians2, Sep 29, 7:09pm
Do a 'wifi' tether to your smartphone, that's assuming you do have one that is.
Just make sure you have your battery charger with you and don't go downloading lots of apps.

tillsbury, Sep 29, 7:20pm
On holidays, where do you go that don't have wifi!

kmole, Sep 29, 7:36pm
Go to the beach tillsbury.we are farming and do sales over trade me over the summer months, so when we take a week off we have to check emails on phone. Just would be easier on the iPad. Checking weather etc etc.
How do I know if my phone is a smart phone!I googled it but that wasn't gets emails and connects to the web!

stefanie1, Sep 29, 9:29pm
You can now buy a hotspot From vodafone which you have to pay but allows you to connect nifty device

hapukanz, Sep 29, 11:02pm


vtecintegra, Sep 29, 11:16pm
What model is it!

carkitter, Sep 30, 12:48am
A smartphone is a cross between a PC and a phone, it uses an operating system which allows inbuilt and downloadable application to run, and utilises a profession grade email client. It's common these days for a smartphone to have a touchscreen but not having one does not rule out a phone being 'smart'.

Best to just post your model description as requested above.

mattnzw, Sep 30, 1:47am
Does that work with all phones! I thought it only works if you have an iphone with the ipad.

vtecintegra, Sep 30, 1:53am
Works with most (but not all) smart phones

ians2, Sep 30, 1:56am
I don't know about 'all' phones but it certainly worked with my old Wildfire S and it does work with my S3.

kmole, Sep 30, 2:34am
Oh cool, my model is a Samsungs8300T.The hotspot sounds good too, will google that also!
Would love to just go on holiday, but with one deal being around $30-50k and I miss an enquiry, it's a bit of a shit!
Being self employed means never ever being really truly on holiday.

lostdude, Sep 30, 3:02am
It works with any phone that has wifi hotspot &/or bluetooth tethering

csador, Sep 30, 3:58am
like others have mentioned, tethering is your friend

carkitter, Sep 30, 5:12am
It works with Android phones using v2.2 or later and with iOS v4.3 or later.

carkitter, Sep 30, 5:17am
I used to do that back in 2005 with Sony Ericsson featurephones using GPRS and later UMTS. As usual, it never caught on until it became a feature of iOS 3.0.

wendalls, Sep 30, 9:57am
I look forward to you showing me on holiday what you have learned kmole. as i have wondered what i needed to do to get internet on my tablet. Mind you my phones freebie data wont go far! However i shall now google "tethering."

carkitter, Sep 30, 10:45am
Sadly this is not a 'real' smartphone. This model is from 2009 when Samsung had not yet adopted Android for smartphones. According to specs listed online, this phone does nothave Wifi capability so wifi hotspot functionality is out of the question.

carkitter, Sep 30, 10:53am

ians2, Sep 30, 6:55pm
3 types of 'tethering' :-
wifi - is the easiest, set the cellphone as a 'wifi hotspot'. Phone should be set with SSID and a password in configuration settings.
bluetooth - a little more challenging to setup (hint - I've never done this)
USB - connect a USB cable from the phone to the computer, set the phone to do USB tethering when connected.

kmole, Oct 5, 9:48pm
Got myself the Vodafone hotspot, thanks all or our help.

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