Apple Macpro vs. HP Business probook

beetle46, Oct 5, 9:09am
We need to update our laptop again(previously HP) whcih way should we go! the stats look better on the HP but people have told us that with Apple they never have any problems and never needs checked etc. (at the mo our laptop goes into computer shop to get 'cleaned' every 6-8mths. your thoughts!

scotthurst01, Oct 5, 9:26am
Out of the two, MBP, worked with Toshiba Sat-Pro, HP PRo/EliteBook, and the MB/MBP fro 3 years supplying the MOE, HP were the least reliable and had the longest service delivery times.

pyro_sniper2002, Oct 5, 9:30am
Really! Pretty much all servicing I have had done on the pro/elite books at work have been over night parts or tech on site next day.

vtecintegra, Oct 5, 9:45pm
Yeah the Elitebooks are good reliability and service wise in my experience.

Note they do ship with some pretty awful screens and small trackpads compared to the Macs, although their keyboards are generally as good or better.

By the way if your current laptop goes into the shop that often there is something very wrong

lostdude, Oct 5, 10:51pm
When deciding, don't just check hardware. Make sure all the software you depend on have a Mac alternative. which could also mean all new purchases if your licenses are Windows specific.

lugee, Oct 6, 12:50am
The new Macbook Pro's don't bode well for longevity. Absolutely everything is soldered directly to the logic board. So saya couple years down the track the RAM fails; you buy a new Macbook. Whereas with most other laptops a $50 stick of RAM will put you back on the road again.

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