Wireless settings HP Mini and Mac Tablet

julie55, Oct 5, 7:17pm
I have my home on wireless broadband and for this main computer working well with no issues. I have just purchased an HP Mini and a family member has tried to connect a Mac Tablet. I cannot get the actual settings right for both for using my home wireless but have set up a wireless connection for the Mini for both the home and have an external modem for mobile. We have the SSID but is it the network key! Is this the nine letter password I used to set up the original wireless - if so there should be no reason it won't work.I actually had the Mini working last week but now we have tried the MAC Tablet cannot get either to work. What else do I need to add or change to my actual settings so we can use both easily! And does this computer need to be turned off so we can use the wireless on the other machines. I expect this is a small issue to do with the actual setttings on the computers as the network is working fine ( or I could not send this). I have WPA2 on auto connect for the Mini. All the Mac asked for was the network key - SSID OK -and it just would not work with being the only computer being used. Help appreciated here.

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