TV on Play Station

travis47, Oct 4, 8:36am
Am looking to get one and the description talks about watching TV on it but is that normal TV or TV on demand. Does it have a TV tuner or can you buy one as an accessory to record or maybe even do a mysky type thing on freeview!

oclaf, Oct 4, 8:44am
It has access to some internet TV channels.
No tuner or anything

lugee, Oct 4, 8:58am
It can play DTV if you have this:

plug33, Oct 5, 7:00am
The PlayTV tuner is freeview and sounds wonderful, you can record tv in HD and watch another channel, it will record a series, you can buffer TV and rewind and lots of other stuff. However it has the most frustrating habit, or at least mind did of time-shifting so you miss a show or sometimes deleting a scheduled recording.

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