Remote screen only displays limited Desktop view

Hi there

Ive a Acer Travelmate 5730. Im having trouble getting the desktop to display over VGA cable (to my newsish TV) All I get is the Acer Home splash Screen irrespective of whats on screen on the Laptop.

And Im getting nothing at all through the new HDMI cable.

I cant understand why the Acer splash screen come up, but not whats actually on screen. F5, Fn F5 keys do nothing at all.

Help please.

geek_davem11, Sep 30, 10:47 am

When I said Desktop, its the icon free image you get in Settings - Display - Themes.


geek_davem11, Sep 30, 10:53 am

If you are running Windows 7 then you could try holding down the windows key and pressing 'P'

geek_thecoolshop, Sep 30, 11:10 am

What you're probably seeing is the 'extended' desktop rather than 'mirrored', the desktop you see on the TV is beside the one on the laptop; if you drag a window off one side of the laptop desktop it will drag 'onto' the TV desktop and then you can make it fullscreen on the TV.

If you just want the TV to be the same as the laptop screen, there should be an option for 'mirrored' display in the desktop settings somewhere.

geek_little_egypt, Sep 30, 11:26 am

Easy way to see if what little_egypt has suggested is to move the mouse pointer off the screen to the right on your laptop. If the pointer appears on your TV then you DO have extended desktop showing. So do as suggested and all will be well.

geek_hapukanz, Sep 30, 12:10 pm

Thanks coolshop but I'm running XP

geek_davem11, Oct 1, 8:48 pm

Thanks little egypt but I can't find a "mirrored" display anywhere

geek_davem11, Oct 1, 8:52 pm

What graphics card are you using! and have you upgraded your drivers

geek_hapukanz, Oct 1, 9:36 pm

Did you try the suggestion in post #5!

geek_badcam, Oct 2, 8:01 am

geek_jhwjhw, Oct 2, 10:58 am

Thanks - the mouse appears on the tv when moved to the left! but not the right of the laptop

geek_davem11, Oct 2, 6:25 pm

Not sure where to find graphics cards infobut I have upgraded my drivers-thanks

geek_davem11, Oct 2, 6:34 pm

No luck there John

geek_davem11, Oct 2, 7:06 pm

geek_lostdude, Oct 2, 8:55 pm

Tried this but no luck-thanks

geek_davem11, Oct 3, 5:43 pm

this is normal behaviour for an extended desktop

if you click and hold the top of a window (internet explorer, a folder etc) you will be able to drag it on to it.It only goes to one side of the laptopbecause it EXTENDS the desktop, you cant go both ways unless you have extra monitor.

If you must have it extend to the right hand side then you need to swap the positions of the screen either physically, or by adjusting the graphics properties.

This is a wee bit of a learning curve because there are lots of different options and you really need to learn and understand the different options to use dual screens effectively.


geek_king1, Oct 3, 6:38 pm