Sharing PC internet connection with XBox 360

halfwayquiet, Oct 3, 3:51am
Here's what I want to do:

Phone jack in the wall--->wired modem/router--->Wireless router.
)))wireless signal))))
PC (connected wirelessly)--->Xbox (via ethernet cable)

Apparently you can tell a PC to share its wireless connection with other stuff. So you plug an ethernet cable from the pc to the xbox and share the PC's wireless.

Like this

But when I click OK after checking the 2 boxes I get en error saying:
"An error occurred while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled. Internet Connection Sharing cannot be enabled. A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing."

I found out the when PC shares it's internet connection the new connection is automatically assigned the IP which happens to be the IP for my wireless router. Microsoft in all their wisdom have decided that that address is the only one the shared connection can have - you can't change it.

I have found out how to change the IP for my wireless router, but if I do that I can no longer connect to the internet wirelessly. I can connect to the wireless router (enabling me to change it's setup) but it cannot connect to the internet.

SO. My question is.

Do you know what I'd have to do to get my wireless router to connect to the internet after I have changed it's IP address!

Dunno if I have explained myself very well.

halfwayquiet, Oct 3, 4:42am
Don't worry - got it sorted now!

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