Wireless PCI Adapter card for desktop where?

julieandcasper, Oct 2, 7:23am
I went to Dicks (no other computer store around here) to get a replacement wireless PCI adapter card for our desktop and Dick's now only stocks the usb kind. I'm having trouble locating a card online. Does anyone know where I can order one online to have it shipped! I want a good one up to the latest specs. ( which is wireless N these days! But it also has to do G.) If you could supply a link or two I would be grateful.

oclaf, Oct 2, 7:34am
just above this message is a yellow bar. Within that yellow bar is a search field. If you type wireless n pci into that field you will find everything you need.
How hard did you look!

pacificsurfer51, Oct 2, 7:45am
Theres a good range of adapters up for auction. Pricespy is you friend.

lostdude, Oct 2, 7:51am

julieandcasper, Oct 2, 8:05am
Thanks. Oclaf, I was meaning an online store, not trademe. I googled, checked Ascent where i usually buy from and pricespy and kept coming up with few options; I was getting USB adapters, routers, items out of stock. Thanks lostdude, I'll check out your link.

Edit: perfect thanks dude. I know that shop has a good rep too.

vtecintegra, Oct 2, 8:14am
Just use a USB adapter, they work fine these days and are easier to shift about

oclaf, Oct 2, 8:22am

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