I need a new printer

animad36, Sep 30, 10:28pm
and have been reading old threads on here regarding different brands and the cost of consumables etc

For someone who only does a small amount of printing, usually text and never photos would I be better off with a laser printer!

I understand the cleaning process is necessary on the ink jet, but am a bit fed up with the ink disappearing when I only ever print black & white. Even more frustrated having to replace all colours just to get black.

kamitchell, Sep 30, 10:57pm
http://dicksmith.com.au/product/XP9213/brother-hl2130-mono-laser-printer This is one cheap one. Claims to do about 1000 pages on a toner cartridge http://dicksmith.com.au/product/XP2271/brother-tn-2030-black-toner
which is almost the same price as the printer. You would want to check how many pages the one which comes with the printer will do.
I'm sure some other people may have ideas and what to look for

animad36, Sep 30, 11:04pm
Thank you for your input.

_drdee_, Oct 1, 6:23pm
Just be weary, the laser printer may state how many pages a standard toner cartridge may do but only gives you a 'starter' cartridge in the unit.

Also with laser every approx 4th cartridge it will probably ask for a drum change, then it is probably easier/cheaper to buy another printer.

With ink jets there should be an option in the dialogue box to 'use black ink only' otherwise it will use all colours to produce a nice vivid black as using black ink only produces a dark grey colour. That option will save your colour.

lythande1, Oct 1, 7:04pm
You can't print white, only black. Epsons allow you to select Greyscale printing only in settings, thus not using the colour at all.
You don't need to "clean".
Lasers are no different, some do a lot of pages per toner, some do bugger all. No different from inkjets. You need to research the number of pages it does from the toner before you buy.

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