3g or 4g? whats the difference?

Sorry it may seem a dumb question to Tech people but Im a bit confused while looking at ipads. Whats the difference or advantage of 3g verses 4g!

geek_xtownie, Oct 1, 9:21 pm

4G is faster than 3G. NZ doesn't have 4G so at the present time there is no difference.

geek_lugee, Oct 1, 9:22 pm

geek_lilyfield, Oct 1, 9:25 pm

Stupid AT&T advertise their HSPA+ as 4G in the states, where as we call it 3G or 3.5G.

Looks like the big 3 are going DC-HSPA+ at the moment and LTE will come later on.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Oct 1, 9:46 pm

True 4G is LTE.

The speed will depend if there is a lot of people using the network.

I've seen LTE speed tests in America where they only get 6mbps

geek_wazza102, Oct 1, 11:20 pm