A site i want to go to says i need "javascript'" enabled,How do i do that

geek_blans, Oct 1, 9:09 am

Here are some instructions for enabling javascript in your web browser:

geek_ramsu, Oct 1, 9:13 am

Thanks,done all that and i see javascript is enabled,what now !

geek_blans, Oct 1, 9:29 am

That is it, once Javascript is enabled you should be able to use any website that requires it.

geek_ramsu, Oct 1, 9:30 am

Still getting the same message

geek_blans, Oct 1, 9:31 am

Try closing all of your web browser windows so you have nothing open, then open a new browser window and start again. (and also check the site to ensure javascript is still enabled)

geek_ramsu, Oct 1, 9:40 am

I use google chrome,still doesntwork,Tried IE and its the same there.

geek_blans, Oct 1, 9:58 am

The site is,Manawatu blokart club then sanson liive weather.

geek_blans, Oct 1, 10:00 am

Post the links.

geek_r.g.nixon, Oct 1, 10:41 am

no problem with blowcart here but trouble with weather have got ver 11 installed,,,,works well with this

geek_buddynz1, Oct 1, 10:44 am

Thanks buddy,now got on my bookmark bar

geek_blans, Oct 1, 11:29 am