Freeview Digital Tv No Service

tanya170, Sep 29, 9:18pm
My Panasonic Built in Freeview TV is not showing TV3/C4 - just coming up No service.All other channels its working fine.Is this happening everywhere or is just me.If so, what have I done to the controls. Thanks

pig-gal, Sep 29, 9:27pm
all the Mediaworks stations need retuning, just go into the auto tuning on your TV & all will be well.

bm.taylor, Sep 29, 10:50pm
As above. I've had a message about it popping up constantly over the past week.

honeybean, Sep 30, 7:12am
yes have the same problem - just found the media works notice on the internet.However have re-tuned and still not working.

thewomble1, Sep 30, 7:19am
Try resetting instead of retuning. Tune it as if it was a new TV.

tanya170, Sep 30, 8:30am
Hi - All good now.Re-tuned.Has anyone noticed that the volume is lower on digital and you have to turn up louder!

honeybean, Sep 30, 9:01am
Mine good now too- hubby had a go but it did not work for some reason. I did it and it worked.I notice that TV3 isquieter sometimes than the other channels. Turn it up, forget - change channels and blast your ear drums!

spyware, Sep 30, 9:09am
TV 1/2/3 have both AC3 (Dolby Digital) and AAC+ audio carriers.

budgel, Sep 30, 10:02pm
You may find it is the setting on the TV itself vs the volume on the digital receiver.

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