Lots of TV's on one aerial

fendie, Sep 29, 10:36pm
Is it true that as another TV gets added to an aerial connection that the strength of the signal decreases ! What about aerial sockets not being used, do they take some of the signal ! thanks

hapukanz, Sep 29, 10:54pm
If you add more TV's to you aerial you will suffer signal loss.
Generally you can get away with 2 TV's on the same aerial without any major loss of signal strength. If however you add 3 or more you are likely to suffer a loss of signal strength. In this case you will probably need a masthead amplifier.

something like this however will do as it will feed up to 8 TV.s


hope that helps!

spyware, Sep 29, 11:54pm
Viable DVB-T (digital terrestrial) reception depends on the strength of the signal in the first place and the cable type in use. If you are in Christchurch and getting reception from Sugarloaf with appropriate UHF antenna and RG-6 cabling then you should have no problem splitting the DVB-T signal8 way without using any amplifiers.

Problems occur when houses have the older higher loss cable installed andsaddle clamp splitters. These need removing and replacing with RG-6 and F type terminated splitters before amplifiers should be considered. Using an appropriate gain UHF antenna with line of sight to transmission tower will then mitigate the necessity for any type of amplifier given the transmitter, i.e., Sugarloaf, you are serviced by is relatively high power and relatively close.

fendie, Sep 30, 2:18am
Thanks spyware, I think I understand it .I have a computer son who talks like that !But seriously I appreciate you taking the time and yes I think I have pretty direct reception from Sugarloafso I should be able to have 2-3 TV's on the cable into the house. I currently have only one that is on the cable, I have another two old ones with rabbit ears dangling. I have been wondering if it was worth getting the aerial cable run through to them when I (god and insurers willing) ever get any repairs done.There are two existing outlets that aren't used, the house is about 13-14 years old so is hopefully OK with the type of cable.

thewomble1, Sep 30, 11:31am
I have 3 TV's and 3 recorders all using the same aerial and suffer no loss even when all are turned on and working. Lucky I am close to the transmitter. Would think it all depends how strong the signal is before starting to split.I would replace the cables etc.not that expensive. Then all cables would be of the same quality etc.terminals 100% and all should be sweet.

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