One TV outlet, two TVs

jhwjhw, Sep 30, 8:02am
Is there anything available to beam TV signal from one outlet to another TV unconnected to an aerial!
We have sky, dedicating one TV to that is fine, but we would like the 2nd TV to have access to it or another channel as well.
With insulated walls, its diffucult to get a 2nd aerial outlet to the 2nd TV, underfloor is not an option due to the concrete pad.

mazdasix, Sep 30, 8:09am
You could get an AV transmitter depending on the distance between the TVs, but you'd have to watch what the main TV is watching unless you get a second Sky decoder

spyware, Sep 30, 8:17am
Image quality RF modulated output of a Sky decoder looks like crap (and is restricted to 576i), sending it via an AV sender makes it look evenmore vulgar. Forget about it and have your house wired correctly, maybe install a UHF aerial and watch Freeview HD.

mazdasix, Sep 30, 8:48am
MySky HD decoders have HDMI. Couple with a decent quality transmitter it would look fine

spyware, Sep 30, 8:53am
Funny stuff, since when did an FM modulated AV sender transmit HD, actually no such thing available in NZ. You may have noticed they have composite input at best, composite can not exceed 576i. RF is mono sound 576i PAL.

Then there is the stripping of the HDCP stuff from the HDMI to get it into a form that could be used on second TV. The HD component outputs on a mySky actually only output HD on the Sport channels. Even TV1/2/3 are restricted to 576i on that output.

As for the composite out on a mySky, just as bad as their 1998 technology decoders that Sky are so proud of. The SD channels look like super crap.

Cabled HD solutions that strip HDCP are probably around $1000, as for wireless you would be designing and building yourself.

mazdasix, Sep 30, 9:46am
Whoa, was that English!

When did I say anything about Fm modulatiblahblah!

Google says there are plenty of wireless HDMI transmitters available.

thewomble1, Sep 30, 11:21am
need to be connected by cable or a separate aerial or dish.

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